Editorial policy

The editorial policy shapes the way that we write content at Equity Release Wise, underpinned by principles of accuracy and clarity.

Our underlying commitment when writing content for our website lies in delivering information that you can rely on as accurate and dependable. To help us deliver on this commitment, our team works to the strict editorial guidelines outlined below.


Within our Blog/News section we cover a wide range of information for over 55s. This includes the latest updates about equity release and other later life finance matters, helping our readers to stay abreast of crucial developments. We also write about other topics of interest to retirees, from holidays to home improvements. Whatever the subject, we carefully create content to offer useful insights.

Elsewhere across our website, we provide comprehensive information about how equity release works. This includes the types of equity release plans available, updates on the latest equity release rates, and so on. Whether you are actively considering equity release or just taking an initial look, we hope this content provides the answers you are looking for.

Editorial standards 

Our content is crafted with two main standards in mind: accuracy and clarity: 

We take careful steps to ensure the accuracy of our content. This includes carefully checking and double-checking each piece of content before publication. Our compliance experts also check content to ensure adherence with relevant financial services compliance standards.

Just as importantly, writing with simplicity and clarity is our goal. We work hard to make sure that our content is highly readable by a broad readership. While industry terminology naturally features, we ensure its comprehension by providing clear explanations. Please see our jargon buster for additional clarity.

In addition, we strive to have balance in our content, such as by frequently mentioning alternatives to equity release. We also strictly uphold the principle of originality in our content creation process, avoiding any form of plagiarism. In cases where we quote from external sources, we give them proper attribution. 

Transparency and updates

Each piece of content bears a publication date, recognizing the dynamic nature of information and the importance of context. While we strive to update our content as appropriate, we don’t update certain articles such as some news pieces, due to their time-sensitive nature.

Republishing guidelines 

Commercial use of our materials requires prior licensing, with proper accreditation and linkage to the original content on the Equity Release Wise website. We value transparency and expect due acknowledgment of our work when republished elsewhere.


The content on this site does not constitute formal financial advice or a formal recommendation. You should only use it for information purposes, and you should not rely on it to make (or refrain from making) any decision or take (or refrain from taking) any action. Please see the site’s terms and conditions for further information. We encourage readers to seek personalised guidance tailored to their circumstances.