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How much is a conservatory?

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By Clare Yates • 3rd April 2023 • 6 min read

Add ‘a touch of glass’ to your home

How would you like to have a whole extra room to relax in, entertain friends, enjoy a glass of wine or two and watch the world go by? The much-loved conservatory is ideal for adding extra space and versatility to your home.

Lending itself perfectly to the mantra of ‘don’t move, improve’, you could increase your living space and enjoy your garden-views all year round without having to sell or move.

Once you begin your research, you will find that your plethora of options range from the affordable to the expensive. To avoid budgeting issues down the line, it’s important to fully cost up your project before deciding if you want to buy a conservatory.

To help work out what you might need to budget, in this article we look at:

  • Popular types of conservatory
  • How much is a new conservatory?
  • How much is the average conservatory?
  • How much is a conservatory per square metre?
  • How much is a conservatory roof?
  • How much is a tiled conservatory roof?
  • How much does a conservatory add to house value?
  • Regulating the temperature of your conservatory
  • Using equity release to buy a new conservatory

Here at Equity Release Wise, we often talk to customers who are interested in equity release as a way to fund a new conservatory or other home improvements. To find out how much you could borrow, check here. or talk to our friendly consultants on 0808 178 3055, or request a call back at a time that suits you.

Popular types of conservatory

Conservatories come in various shapes and sizes, with lean-to, Victorian and Edwardian being the three most common conservatory designs in the UK. Or if you prefer more brickwork and a more solid roof, you may find an orangery appealing.

Before you can begin to cost up your project, it will help to know your preferred design and the size of conservatory you are planning to build. To discover how much is a conservatory extension, here are some of the different types of conservatories to consider:


Lean-to conservatory

A lean-to conservatory is the cheapest option due to the simplicity of the design. Usually rectangular in shape, it sits against your home with a sloping roof. The roof can be set at the height you prefer which means it works well with homes with low rooflines, such as bungalows. The rectangular floor plan maximises the available floor space from your conservatory, which lends itself well to kitchen extensions, dining rooms, playrooms and more.


Victorian conservatory

The Victorian conservatory is perhaps the most traditionally shaped conservatory. It features a bay front and a pitched roof. The design offers fantastic views of the garden and sky. They usually feature an ornate gothic-style roof ridge and decorative glass fanlights.


Edwardian conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory has a symmetrical square or rectangular shape that maximises floor space, and typically features a mid-height brick wall. The roof offers clean lines and can generally be as high as you wish depending on your preference. When coupled with a tiled roof, this type of conservatory is more extension-like in appearance.



An increasingly popular choice, an orangery is the bridge between a conservatory and a single storey extension. Traditionally, orangeries were grand buildings in large period homes, used to grow orange trees.

A typical defining feature is the use of brick pillars or supports in the corners, which conservatories don’t usually have. Orangeries also usually have a solid roof with a glass lantern in the centre to let light through. Some people however choose to fully tile their roof or leave it all glass.

Thanks to their tiled roofs and greater brickwork, it can be easier to regulate the temperature of an orangery compared to some other types of conservatory.


How much is a new conservatory?

This depends on a number of factors based on your individual tastes. Options which can affect how much your conservatory will cost include:

  • Size. How big you decide to go will have a big impact on your total cost.
  • Style. Your preference of lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian or something a bit different? Some are cheaper options than others.
  • Type of roof. Glass, solid tiled,  standard polycarbonate or a hybrid, all have their own pros and cons.
  • Type and quality of materials. You can choose between a uPVC, aluminium or wooden frame, with uPVC being common thanks to its durability.
  • Any ground prep work needed. You may need the ground levelling before it is built on, for example.
  • Additional features. Some people opt for new double glazed doors between their home and their conservatory to help the rooms blend together nicely.
  • Type of glazing. Standard glass, double glazed or triple shield glass perhaps? Your choice can make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your conservatory, which can save you money in the long run.
  • How you heat it. For a warm winter conservatory, buy underfloor heating, have a radiator installed or simply plug in a free standing heater. Heating won’t usually be included in your quotation so this is an extra cost you’ll need to budget for.

So, how much is a lean-to conservatory, compared to a Victorian or Edwardian? According to, these are the typical costs of the most popular designs of conservatory:

Lean-to conservatory. Expect to pay between £9,000 and £14,250.

Victorian conservatory. Expect to pay between £12,000 to £17,500 for your average sized conservatory.

Edwardian conservatory. The average cost ranges from £10,500 to £18,000. 

Orangery. The average cost is around £32,500 for a 4m x 4m orangery.

How much is the average conservatory? estimates that for a typical 3.5m x 3.5m conservatory to be installed, you can expect to pay the following:

Average conservatory costs

Low rangeHigh rangeAverage
Lean-to (uPVC)£9,000£11,500£10,250
Lean-to (wood)£12,750£14,250£13,500
Victorian (uPVC)£12,000£13,500£12,750
Victorian (wood)£16,000£17,500£16,750
Edwardian (uPVC)£10,500£12,000£11,250
Edwardian (wood)£13,500£18,000£15,750

Using the figures above, it makes the average conservatory approximately £13,375.

How much is a conservatory per square metre?

With a typical 3.5m x 3.5m conservatory costing approximately £13,375, it works out at around £1,092 per square metre for a conservatory. 

Remember, you may have additional costs prior to or after your build to consider. For example, ground levelling, an electrician to fit plug sockets and lights, or a heating engineer.

How much is a conservatory roof?

our roof choice can have a big impact on the cost of your conservatory. How much you spend on heating it, however, could markedly be reduced by choosing a more energy efficient roof. 

Some homeowners opt for a glass or polycarbonate roof to keep the initial costs down, then convert to a tiled roof a few years down the line. You should consider, however, that doing this could make your overall project more costly in the long run.

Choosing the highest quality materials you can afford for your roof could see you getting a longer life from your conservatory. How much energy you use to keep your room warm or cool could also be improved, too.

When researching “how much is a new conservatory roof?”, remember the costs will depend on the size and style of your conservatory. To help get you started, the estimates below are from CS Windows and based on a 4m x 4m polycarbonate roof replacement. The cost will be more if you opt for a tiled roof, or have a bigger conservatory. 

Lean-to. A typical lean-to conservatory roof in need of replacement would cost between £2,355 and £2,705.

Victorian. It is estimated that a replacement polycarbonate roof for a Victorian conservatory is between £4,345 and £5,005. 

Edwardian. For a standard roof on an Edwardian conservatory, you can expect to pay between £4,480 to £5,120.

How much is a tiled conservatory roof?

Upgrading to a tiled roof can create a more consistent climate all year round. It can also give a more modern look to your conservatory, bringing it closer to a single storey extension in appearance. 

Though more expensive than glass or polycarbonate, they’re said to be 15 times more thermally efficient. With many of us making an effort to reduce our energy consumption, the money saved on energy could quickly cover the cost of installation.

Replacing a standard solid tiled conservatory roof would cost around £4,100 according to Green Energy Compare. Installation would typically take up to three days.

Regulating the temperature of your conservatory

As we’ve seen, good conservatories aren’t cheap. That’s why it’s important to regulate the temperature so you can use your new conservatory as much as possible, maximising the enjoyment you get from your investment.

Today’s homeowners have plenty of options to keep their conservatory temperatures more consistent throughout the year. These include:

  • Windows and vents. These are particularly important for those with south or south-west facing conservatories that can get especially hot. By building in additional vents and windows to your design, you can help to regulate the temperature.
  • The type of glass you choose. Specialist thermally efficient glass can help you achieve a more even temperature. It can be expensive, but can make a real difference. Options include a special heat reflective coating on the outside to reflect heat, or a gas such as argon between the panes for added insulation.
  • The type of roof. When you buy a conservatory you can choose glass, polycarbonate or a solid tiled / panelled roof. It entirely depends on your taste and how energy efficient you want your room to be.
  • Under floor heaters. Underfloor heating can be a good energy-efficient way to keep a conservatory warm in the cooler months. However, installation can be expensive, which can be off-putting for anyone trying to minimise how much  conservatory extension costs. Plug in heaters or installing a radiator are typically more popular alternatives for providing heat.
  • Black out blinds: This is an affordable way to keep the warmth in a room during winter, and prevent overheating on the hottest days.
  • Air conditioning systems: Want to prevent overheating in your conservatory? Buy an air conditioning unit to provide a welcome cool breeze and a less stuffy environment to relax in. Purchased as freestanding units, they are very simple to operate and are quieter today than in years gone by.

Whichever options you prefer, spending that bit extra to make sure that your conservatory is comfortable all year round can really pay off.

How much does a conservatory add to house value?

Adding a conservatory to your home won’t just increase the amount of space available to you, it may increase your home’s value too.

It is estimated that a good quality conservatory could boost your property’s value by between 5-10%. When weighing up ‘how much is a conservatory extension’ vs. ‘how much does it add to your house value’, you may make your money back one day.

However, if you have a small garden in particular, you may find a new conservatory could be detrimental to your house valuation. If the project could leave your garden too small for future owners to enjoy then you may want to re-think your plans.

Using equity release to buy a new conservatory

After reading through the above information to understand how much is a conservatory, UK homeowners may be interested in exploring equity release to fund their project.

Equity release enables homeowners aged 55+ to unlock some of their property value to spend however they wish – with home and garden improvements being a popular reason.

There are no mandatory monthly repayments to make as the loan plus interest rolls up each month. When you pass away or move into long-term care then the loan plus interest is paid off by the sale of your home. If you wish, you can pay off the interest each month to prevent the loan from growing in size.

If you dream of having a conservatory but your budget simply won’t stretch, why not consider equity release? If you are 55+ and own your own home, you could unlock the money you need to fund your project. To find out how much you could borrow, check here or talk to one of our friendly consultants by calling 0808 178 3055 or request a call back.

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